This ride will start from Philip and Verna's new house in Rustington. Although it is now full, Phil would still like you to contact him if you are interested so he knows if more rides need to be organised.


In order to comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions two completely separate rides were held.

Phil and Verna organised a ride from Rustington. Verna's report is entitled

The Fabulous Four Ride Again!

Isn’t it funny how a ride that you can do any day of the week can be made into an event by adding friends? We enjoyed our first Club ride since November with Richard and Hilary. Great company and a lovely pub lunch at the Gribble, as usual. With the addition of an extra layer of clothing and a marquee it was fine to sit in the garden too.

Phil and Richard at Tinwood

We paused by the canal to listen to the nesting reed warblers singing and said hello to the Barnham donkeys on our way up to Walberton Pond for our own coffee and cake stop. Lunchtime entertainment was provided by starlings nesting in the old tree next to our table. The young were well trained clean nesters and, much to the amusement of all pooped out of the hole after their meal! Luckily not in our direction. Richard and Hilary on the old bridge in Arundel

Our wildlife encounters continued into the afternoon with close encounters with a buzzard and a red kite, while the bluebells were showing well in the woods. Richard and Hilary were keen to add to their BCQ list so we detoured to Arundel for a clue. Once there we couldn’t resist another few hundred metres to take in the “best side” view of the castle, with a few tulips from the festival gracing the lawn and for pure silliness a glimpse of the Dalmatian Pelicans in their Wetland Trust enclosure.

Bluebell woods and cyclists both Angmering Park Estate.

The ride wouldn’t have been complete without more cake…and tea in our new sunny back garden.

Jill and Andrew Buzzard organised the other ride from Eastbourne. Jill described it as follows:

The two claps of thunder which woke us didn’t curb our enthusiasm for the planned ride – the thought of being ‘unlocked’ with like-minded people was far too exciting to miss, and thankfully the thunder didn’t herald any rain. We were joined by Caroline and Dave, and Vicki and Tim (riding a Hase Pino – which yours truly kept calling a ‘pinot noir’ – hope they didn’t notice!), and we headed straight into the hill that is Beachy Head, abiding by the ‘rule of six’ – freedom at last! We had a fast descent down to Cuckmere Haven, and enjoyed coffee by The Cathedral of the Downs, before lunch outside Pevensey Castle and a quick extension to Bexhill to the De La Warr Pavilion. After an ‘undulating start’ (i.e. uphill!!!), we rode through the very flat lands to the East, enjoying bluebells in full bloom, and a sparkling sea to end the journey. Thank you all for a very nice day out in and around Eastbourne. Caroline and Dave at the top of Beachy Head.

Vicki and Tim

Jill also provided us with the following: SS_210509_Eastbourne.pdf

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