We are leading the ride in January, starting at our house in Worthing, 9.45 for 10.00 start.

Coffee stop to be decided, Lunch in the Royal Oak, Poynings at 12.30.

33 miles and only one significant climb over the downs.

Birthday tea at our house at the end.

Please let us know of you are coming, and if you need directions Tel: 01903 205405

It all began so well…. Eight couples rode along Worthing seafront in the sunshine.

Waves crashed on the beach and as long as we kept going in an easterly direction we had an easy start to the day. Using short sections of offroad bike paths and bridleway through Shoreham and Portslade we headed up to Hangleton to join the Dyke Railway Path and gain the Devil’s Dyke summit. No worries. Just another sociable ride with friends enjoying the clear skies and extensive views and looking forward to a nice pub lunch and later on a Birthday tea to celebrate Philip’s 60th. But sometimes there is an element of surprise… Approaching the Royal Oak in Poynings the leaders waited on a junction. They waited some more. A messenger arrived to say that Liz and Mark were walking. When they arrived Mark was walking behind the tandem holding his handlebars with Liz’s saddle out in front of him! Oh no! In the toasty function room engineering, mechanical and practical discussions began at once. Dinner was ordered and, while Liz pondered the additional cost to the day of booking an Uber, a disappointing ride report on Strava and the potential loss of afternoon tea and cake our brave boys were out in the cold again, Dave brandishing his toolkit! Much to everyone’s relief a solution was found and the ride was completed by all parties, albeit with some subtle changes to riding positions. Caroline stoically managed the unpopular Brooks saddle and Mark was standing for the uphill sections!

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