Ride Organised by Tim, starting from Charlton House, near Greenwich

Report by Dave

Starting from Charlton House we dropped rapidly downhill to join the Thames cyclepath and then head West towards Greenwhich along the southern bank.

As usual with Tim's rides there were plenty of interesting or educational stops along the way. This sign for example, perhaps lacking some units.

Our group being educated near the dome.

This, apparently, is art?!

Another education stop, where we were informed about the unusual blue plaque - "Gordon Loved Here" set up by the London Hedonists!

At Greenwich we took the foot tunnel under the Thames to reach the north bank. As we were descending in the lift one of the other passengers commented that he often had to replace the bearings when he used to maintain the lifts. Fortunately it kept going for our journey, and even more fortunately the lift on the North side was also working - one previous year we had to carry the tandems up the steps, which was not fun.

We meandered through the paths and streets continuing to head West, with pauses for more education, such as this slipway where the Great Eastern was built. It was so large it had to be launched sideways.

Continuing further West, we passed the Houses of Parliament and the Bazalgette Memorial on the embankment (which he built) before passing and crossing some of Bazalgette's bridges to head towards our lunch stop at the Skylark Cafe at Wandworth Common.

After lunch Tim and Pippa led us through the maze of streets and cycle paths south of the Thames, heading back for Afternoon tea and cake at Greenwich.

A short ride then took us back to the start.

Many thanks to Tim and Pippa for another excellent and informative ride.

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