ride by Liz and Ken

*****Ride and report by Liz & Ken What a difference a bit of good weather makes, it was nice not to have to put on loads of warm layers in preparation for our March ride from Southwater Country Park. Everyone, well maybe not Chris (who was forced out into the fresh air for the day), was in good spirits as we set off around Horsham and up a long drag through St. Leonard’s Forest to Colgate. A good fast descent followed to cross the A264 at Faygate and on at a good pace through Rusper to a welcome coffee stop at the very popular Tanhouse Farm café. We arrived at a good time just before quite a large group of London Dynamo riders on their expensive looking carbon bikes. Suitably refreshed it was a fairly easy ride on through Capel and along the pretty, wooded (but very bumpy) Weare Street following a stream down to North River. Lunch was at the Punchbowl Inn at Okewood Hill where the garden was getting probably its first use of the year. After a good lunch we headed on through Rudgwick and The Haven towards Barns Green narrowly avoiding some wayward guinea fowl wandering about all over the road. In Barns Green the level crossing was barriered off and officially closed to traffic, but the duty railtrack worker was very helpful and moved the barriers and let us across. Having made good progress all day we arrived back at the country park in good time to enjoy tea and enormous slices of cake outside the cafein the glorious warm sunshine. Just about 40 miles covered on the warmest day of the year so far.

After coffee

Punchbowl Inn

Quiet lane

New Road

Road closed

Last one crossing

march route

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