Ride by Tish and Andy

*****Ride and reort by Tish and Andy The Annual Treasure Hunt Ride. Sept 8th. Approx 30 miles. 17 riders We sent out from Burgh Heath and headed across Nork Park, the first of the many parks of the day. It was down hill all the way to Nonsuch Park where we grabbed a coffee and cake and the treasure hunt began. The treasure maps outlined the route, where to stop for clues and where pirate HQ was for the treasure! Heading out towards Ewell, we cut through the back through a little park, ducked under the railway and into the Hogsmill. Following the river, passing the stepping stones, we wove our way along this ribbon park, which is part of the London Loop. There were clues to be found here too. Leaving the Hogsmill, we cut along to Horton Country Park and its 400 acres. The marked cycle route into the park at this corner is not great for the first half mile but then you are rewarded by several miles of lovely quiet track that goes through wood and field. There we ended at the information centre and more clues! From here a short nip to Ashstead Common and yet more great tracks through wooded parkland. A slight wrong turn meant we took in a couple of miles of road but we were soon back on track at Ashstead station. Here post boxes were scrutinised, parking bays counted and bus numbers noted. We were now running a bit late. Time had ticked on faster than anticipated and a starving crew threatened mutiny. We carried on through the back of Leatherhead to Fetcham via a little lane closed to cars that takes you over the river Mole. Again, we stopped for clues and avoided maximum fishing penalties and fresh dogs! We hurried along through Great Bookham (missing out the planned church yard question) and took the pretty back road to Westhumble and The Stepping Stones pub. We were slightly damp by this point and were glad to stay here a while before the afternoon climb up Box Hill. Stopping to answer questions and take in the glorious view revealed to us in watery sunshine, we headed for home. Circumnavigating the racecourse, we climbed steadily back to Burgh Heath and tea and cakes. The treasure hunt quiz sheets were analysed, numbers totted and the first attempt was made for the treasure trove. Next up Russell and Rachel and success! Now it was time to reveal the highest score and winners of the trophy. Team Tricia and Tim headed for the treasure chest with the key to reveal the trophy nestled among gold coins and treasure sweeties which I believe will end up at the scouts on Friday evening. Good fun was had by all (I hope) and the day of treasure hunting was over for another year.

Treasure Hunt route

At the coffee stop

Ready to leave the coffee stop

Searching for more answers

Rachel and Russell won a prize

Tricia and Tim won the overall prize

The contents of the winners' chest...

Gatwick airport is in that direction

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