Ride by Phil and Verna

*****Report by Phil and Verna A change of plan and suddenly we were leading the June ride! Over the next few weekends we refined a ride through some of our favourite lanes and bridleways. At last we were ready. Parking with toilets at the start & finish? Check. Coffee stop? Check. Tasty lunch stop? Check. Afternoon tea? Check. Mileage about 40? Check. Six tandems rolled out of Wisborough Green. At 11 a.m. Richard and Anne dutifully shed their jackets in anticipation of the sun promised on the BBC weather forecast. Sadly this was the one thing beyond our control and the cool wind and cloudy sky were to be with us most of the day. The morning ride was quite hilly and I felt rather than heard a disappointed oooh as we swooped down and past the tea room at Houghton Bridge invitingly laid out for a group. Luckily we didn’t have much further to go to coffee in Amberley! Further along, our only off road section, Golf Course Lane helped us on our way to a warm welcome and lunch at the White Lion in Thakeham. In the afternoon a good paced ride along leafy lanes, dodging squirrels and baby rabbits saw us back in Wisborough for tea at the Old Mill by 4 o’clock. As we sat with our refreshments the sun finally put in an appearance.

TC June 13a - The proposed route

cycling along Sussex roads - photo by Dave

At the morning coffee stop - photo by Dave

Lovely surface on the bridleway - photo by Dave

others weren't quite as good - photo by Dave

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