Three tandem teams moved on to Walton-on-Thames camp site ready for the time trials on Wednesday centred on Hampton Court Palace (or “that castle place” as Bradley Wiggins later called it). A couple of tandems headed out on Tuesday for an easy ride and were lucky enough to happen upon the official route recce by the teams. Most of the riders were gathering outside the palace and were happy to be photographed by eager fans.

For the race day we made our way to Weston Green – on a corner of the course fairly near the start but with a big screen so that we could follow all the times. Amid much cheering and flag waving we all watched the brilliant performance of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. Another good day.

Dave (and family) also went to watch on a different part of the course and got some good photos.

Olga Zabelinskaya - Photo by Dave

Emma Pooley

Judith Arndt - Photo by Dave

Kristin Armstrong - Photo by Dave

Chris Froome - Photo by Dave

Tony Martin - Photo by Dave

Bradley Wiggins - Photo by Dave

Chavanel and Cancellara - photo by Liz

Menchov, Wiggins and Boasson Hagen - photo by Liz

Wiggins - photo by Jake

The Olympic Champion - photo by Liz

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