ride from Three Bridges by Tim and Anne

***** Report by Tim Having won the Treasure Hunt last year, our prize (or punishment) was to organise it this year. Seven teams were kind enough to turn up and have a go, little knowing that the the whole thing was built around going past “Dawes Green House”, just because it was vaguely bicycle related. The rest was shoe horned around it, starting with a tortuous observation round from Three Bridges all the way to the morning coffee stop at Tanhouse Farm. The tinkling of a bell announced the start of each observation stretch, augmented by voices in a Leslie Phillips style “ding dong” when it proved too quiet. Over coffee and cake the hapless entrants then had to rack their brains over what had been seen during the previous 10 miles. To be honest that first round could have done with a bit of tweaking to the format to make it slightly easier. A lesson learned. After coffee the teams went off in their own time towards lunch, trying to find out how many acres there were in Hammonds Copse and where Heath Ledger would get his bike fixed. I was extremely pleased to see at least one team worked out that the house where Roberta, Peter and Phyllis lived would be Three Chimneys. Basic Railway Children, obviously. Lunch in The Plough was followed by looking for the smallest listed building in Leigh(the phone box, now a “History Box” and full of fascinating information), then a series of clues took the riders to Horley, where, amongst other things, they had to find the mistake on the War Memorial (the line from “For The Fallen” engraved on the base should read “They shall grow not old” and not “They shall not grow old”). Once everyone had had a guess at what the Chinese Restaurant used to be (a cinema), they followed the almost faultless instructions back to our house for tea and cakes and the keenly anticipated results. What happened next was a bit of a mystery. Tish and Andy were declared winners, so were awarded the trophy and the honour of organising the event next year. However a bit of complicated adding up suggested that Dave, Caroline and Christopher had scored more points. As their special prize Dave had the chance to true up my new back wheel I'd handily left in a truing stand in the front room. A win-win situation.

At the start

In the woods



Deep in thought

Hunting in Leigh

Converted phone box in Leigh

Horley's War Memorial

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