By Tim and Anne

*****Report by Tim and Anne

Having been careless enough to win last year's treasure hunt, that meant we were tasked with organising this year's edition. Time passed, and as you do, we kept putting it off. A good two weeks before the appointed date we actually got round to plotting a route and sketching out some questions. And then it became apparent that nearly all the regulars would be in Foreign Parts on the International Rally, or at least on their way home, so attendance would be limited. As they days counted down it became clear exactly how limited, so we breathed a sign of relief, put our half finished treasure hunt to one side and went for a ride instead. It was a select gathering: Us (Tim and Anne), Cliff and Pauline and Ian and Maureen. In the spirit of Making It Up As We Went Along, we decided to follow the route we had picked for the treasure hunt, more or less. This of course meant we had to watch our conversation and avoid mentioning any interesting things we might see on the way, as they could be clues. We wiggled our way from Three Bridges into Goffs Park, following the route of the mysterious Crawley-Horsham cycle route. Soon we were clear of the town and off road, climbing the ridge above Faygate. A few more miles and we pulled into Tanhouse Farm for coffee and sticky buns. Ian, of course had tea. We drifted slowly northwards and decided that perhaps the Plough at Leigh would be a suitable lunch stop. Did they have room? Yes they did. An excellent lunch followed, then we set off again. A phone call to The Girl to ensure she was on target with the chocolate brownies and we continued in a relaxed fashion over Horse Hill and into Horley. A quick diversion up Haroldslea Drive, past a Norman moat rewarded us with a glimpse of white wallabies. Then a few more lanes, past Burstow Church (buiral place of John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer Royal) then a quick dash along the Balcombe Road and back to our house for more tea and cakes. And chocolate brownies. A nice relaxed ride in great company.[list][*]

At the coffee stop

Good views of some lovely cars

The village pump at Leigh

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