*****Report by Christopher: On a sunny morning in August 6.5 tandems gathered for a ride. Unfortunately the ride planning was done at 6 PM the night before so I had no idea how hilly it was. I regretted my choice of roads when I had been up the first 10 massive hills! The weather for the ride was very sunny. We went along the route 21 to the middle of nowhere then up a giant hill then down the other side and then got lost in a town then we did another hill and then another then... You get the picture. The afternoon was better without the hills and we had some nice sponge at our house.

Leaving Redhill - Photo by Dave

Leaving Redhill 2 - Photo by Dave

Leaving Redhill 3 - Photo by Dave

Caterham - Photo by Dave

Brake Failure hill strikes again - Photo by Dave

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