Ride by Liz and Ken

*****Report by Liz and Ken

When the rain was hammering down at 7 o’clock in the morning we thought the 19 riders who had signed up for the ride might be in for a wet day, but we needn’t have worried. Soon the rain stopped and the sun was out by the time we met in Uckfield. We had advertised the morning ride as hilly and I don’t think we disappointed anyone as we weaved through the lanes in the High Weald. After the early rain the many sections in the abundant trees of the area smelt pleasantly fresh, no dust about this weekend. We made good progress and had a brief stop for drinks at Hadlow Down after the first long uphill drag of the day. On the fast descents there were lovely, but brief, views of the rolling wooded countryside. Another couple of bumps followed, one of which caused us to fluff a gear change and stop rather quickly. Fortunately all the tandems managed to get round us and we only held up a motorist and luckily he didn’t appear to be in a hurry. The descent from Rotherfield was on possibly the bumpiest road in the county, we should have come a couple of weeks later as it was apparently to be resurfaced. The last uphill of the morning was also the longest at 3 miles in length and just about finished off Clem who, freshly back from Antarctica, was missing his cycling legs!

At the pub in Crowborough we met up with Tricia on her solo who had opted for a shorter, but still quite hilly route as the pub was at the high point of the ride. I think everyone enjoyed the meal, certainly our ham, egg and chips were very good.

After lunch the treasure hunt part of the ride began, just to make thinks a little more difficult we decided to have the first part as an observation/memory test and informed everyone that they needed to keep their eyes peeled for the first section before we handed out the questions. What made it even harder was that the section included a rather steep uphill, rough bridleway which may have caused some to forget the things they had seen on the way down! We were very impressed that Chris and Helen managed to get all of these questions correct. The rest of the route took everyone across Ashdown Forest then through Nutley and Fletching where there were a few answers to be found. Then back to our and Tricia’s vans on a small farm campsite for tea, cakes and the answers. Everyone did very well, with the results very close as usual at these events but the top three were:

3rd place – Dave and Chris 2nd place – Phil and Verna Winners – Tim and Anne

Congratulations to Tim and Anne who not only look after the stylish Treasure Hunt Trophy for the coming year but also have the privilege of organising the event in 2012.

On one of the rare flat roads - Photo by Liz

Hadlow Down - Photo by Liz

Lunch - Photo by Ken

In the Blue Anchor - Photo by Ken

The top of the bridleway - Photo by Ken

Dave and Chris - Photo by Ken

Tea and cakes - Photo by Ken

Route 8th May - as ridden

Reading the clues - Photo by Dave

Fletching - looking for answers - Photo by Dave

Resting Tandems - Photo by Dave

Announcing the results - Photo by Dave

The worthy winners - Photo by Dave

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