Ride by Phil and Verna

*****Report by Phil and Verna

Thanks to all of you who supported our wild, wet and windy club ride on Sunday and even managed to compliment the choice of route. It would have been lovely on a sunny day!

We used the Centurion Way out of Chichester and were soon starting to climb to Goodwood. The Farm Shop at Home Farm provided coffee and edibles although none of your barn conversion tea shoppes here… we literally sheltered in a barn with our lattes and nesting birds flying in and out. “Watch where you put those biscuits!”

Heading up towards the Cass Foundation Sculpture Park we were treated to a few artistic impressions including a superb giant pachyderm out riding his trike (See photo).

Passing the White Horse in Sutton to fit in an extra 7 mile detour, a necessity when scouting the ride, didn’t seem like a popular option in the rain. After lunch, where delaying tactics enabled us to dry out a little, we pushed ourselves onward and upward.

An honourable mention is made here of David and Christopher who met the Bignor Hill challenge head on (if not exactly unflinchingly) and made it to the top. Tim went too but being on a solo was not eligible for the accolade.

Regrouping up on ‘the Roman Road’ we were soon headed downhill into the wind and increasingly heavy rain. Not for long though. The next disaster was swift to come. Those flints can be sharp and cut a large slice into Philip’s front tyre. All fixed it was heads down as our quiet and concentrated group of 9 cyclists bent all their attention on pedalling home via Fontwell and Oving to Chichester station.

Tandem ride June 2011 v2 - Proposed route. To download right click on the hyperlink and choose Save as...

Tea, coffee and snack in the barn at Home Farm, Goodwood - Photo by Dave

Strange tricyclist - Photo by Dave

Rainlegs On - Photo by Dave

Ready for more punishment - Photo by Dave

The ladies struggle keeping the tandems upright - Photo by Dave

Puncture repair - Photo by Dave

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