Ride by Phil and Verna

*****Ride and report by Phil and Verna

It was with some relief we saw the sun shining and the temperature rising on Sunday. The scouting rides for this day had been distinguished by bitingly cold winds and extremely muddy conditions. Thanks to mechanical problems and a missing tandem pilot, our ride comprised 6 tandems and 4 solos.

Cycling along the seafront bike path from West Worthing we enjoyed the sea views before turning inland at Shoreham. The leisurely pace forced us to reconsider our objective for coffee and we headed for Steyning to discover yet another tea shop has opened. En route spring had definitely begun with baby lambs and occasional hardy flowers. In Steyning High Street a local artist had his easel out to capture the scene. The ride was a short one today so we headed back down the favoured Downs Link cycle path for lunch (where Tim was pleased to find some pub rock, of the sweet variety). Did the letters run all through the rock, Tim?

Returning to the leaders’ home via the shared cycle/pedestrian path we discovered some mysteriously loose nuts and bolts and that an Alsation dog is a solid animal! Luckily no lasting damage done in either case.

Plans for the rally we are organising at Ringmer were discussed over tea and a plate or two of hot cross buns.

Along the seafront at Worthing - Photo by Dave

Approaching Shoreham - Photo by Dave

Passing Shoreham Airport - Photo by Dave

Coffee stop at Steyning - Photo by Dave

Brendan tries to hide - Photo by Dave

But doesn't quite succeed! - Photo by Dave

Crossing the wooden bridge at Shoreham - Photo by Dave

Tim and Anne - Photo by Dave

100314_Worthing - The route

A perfect day - photo by Liz

Returning from Steyning along the Downs Link - Photo by Neville

Along the Downs Link - Photo by Neville

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