Ride by Dave and Caroline

*****Report by Dave

Last year I organised a ride to The Gate, near Rusper, and it snowed. This year I organised it again for January - and it snowed. Tim decided that he would generously donate the Feb slot to this ride - and just before the start it was snowing!

By the 10 o'clock start, six tandems and two solos had gathered at our house for tea/coffee, and the weather had improved to a heavy overcast sky, so we departed. The 10% upward slope caused a few to grumble, but the top was quickly reached and the reward was a fast whiz down to Earlswood.

Christopher set out the route, so he decided to pass his school before heading past Woodhatch, Leigh and Newdigate and Rusper to reach The Gate just as they opened. Dad just couldn't resist adding some extra bridleway bits in though!

The Gate treated us with some excellent meals before we reluctantly left in the chilly dri le. Some more muddy bridleway took us past Rowley Farm, and then a wet but firm underneath bridleway alongside the very noisy M23 from Fernhill led us the join NCR21 and the past Redhill Aerodrome.

The climb up at from Egg Arch bridge found the leaders well off the back, but everyone waited patiently at the top for another rapid descent to join NCR21 again back to Redhill.

Tea/Coffee and Caroline's cakes got energy levels back up, while some went upstairs to play with Christopher's trains.

As it was Liz's birthday Caroline made a birthday cake, with novelty candle to do the singing!

Thanks to everyone for coming. Distance 36 miles

100214 Redhill - The route. To download right click on the download link and choose save as.

A brief stop - at the end of the first bridleway

Christoper looks a bit chilly - while a tyre is being pumped up

Outside The Gate Inn - oops - I seem to have chopped Rachel in half

Shoes and Hat - Photo by Dave

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