Ride organised by Neville and Tricia

Following the unexpected and untimely death of Neville at the Easter rally we felt that, as Neville and Tricia had enjoyed spending some time researching and setting up the treasure hunt, the best thing to do would be to carry on with the ride as intended. Tricia handed out the question sheets and set us all off on our way from Southwater Country Park towards Billingshurst. The route took us on some nice quiet lanes through Shipley and Brooks Green with plenty of questions to keep us occupied. Some answers were harder to spot than others and there was a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing to collect missed answers. The route instructions were very easy to follow, but inevitably one crew managed to miss a ‘and then immediately left’ and ended up riding an extra 5 or so miles. Apart from this crew we all made it to the farm shop and café in Billingshurst before the time limit of midday, after which points were docked. (You can guess whose idea that was!). Tricia was waiting here for us and collected in our answers while we waited for our lunches to be cooked. Suitably refreshed we set off for the afternoon section of the ride which was a ‘normal’ ride in company back to Southwater. The route was a good mixture of quiet lanes and some sections of the Downs Link path, some of this route can be a bit muddy but the sections picked for us were all good and easy riding. As we approached Southwater we had a few options to get to the café for tea, short – about 0.5 mile, medium – about 4 miles or long – about 9 miles. There were a few takers for short and one definite for long but we stuck with the majority and took the medium route back through Copsale. Again Tricia was waiting for us in the café and we all sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine with our tea and cakes. The results of the treasure hunt were announced and I’m afraid we won it again! Having said that it was probably a good thing because the family that came second were all riding solos (due to a mechanical failure on the tandem) and Neville would definitely not have approved.

Report by Liz & Ken

Searching for treasure - Shipley - Photo by Dave

Treasure at Shipley - Photo by Dave

Chatting after lunch - Photo by Dave

Regrouping along the Downs Link - Photo by Dave

Ian and Maureen on the Downs Link - Photo by Dave

Tim, Tish and Andy - Photo by Dave

Queuing to rejoin the Downs Link - Photo by Dave

Ready to start - Photo by Dave

The Worthy Winners - Photo by Dave

100411 Southwater - The route as ridden. 28.9 miles, 1150 ft of climbing

Studying the questions - photo by Liz

Almost ready to set off - photo by Brendan

Listening intently - photo by Ken

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