Ride by Chris and Helen

*****Ride and report by Helen and Chris Juden

Ten tandems and one solo assembled in Wormley for our ride to The Haven. After coffee we set out in hazy sunshine, heading for Sussex. With a back wind and flattish roads we bowled along. I guess we have a reputation for hilly routes, as there were appreciative murmurs in the group about how easy it was!

We reached the Blue Ship before noon – just as well because we were going to occupy nearly all the tables. With an old fashioned counter-in-a-doorway, this traditional pub must have one of the shortest bars in Sussex.

It was dri ling when we left, but the rain held off and a more undulating homeward route kept us warm. Most people visited the sculpture trail in the grounds of King Edward’s school, and the day rounded off with scones and teacakes, and roasting chestnuts on the fire while we crowded in to watch photos of our recent Basque and Rioja tour. A cosy autumn day – thanks.

Russel and Rachel fly past - Photo by Dave

Tim and Anne - Photo by Dave

Art? - Photo by Dave

Snails - Photo by Dave

Rolling Along - Photo by Christopher

Attempting the position - Photo by Dave

Regroup near the start - Photo by Dave

Regroup at Loxhill - Photo by Dave

Andy and Tish - Photo by Dave


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