Ride by Russell and Rachel

*****Report by Rachel and Russell Eight tandems gathered in Farnborough on a cold and murky November morning for a brisk tour of the Hampshire countryside, joined by Andy and Becky, experienced riders out on their first Tandem Club ride.

We headed out of Farnborough and through Aldershot Military Town where, as it was Remembrance Sunday, many uniforms and medals were in evidence, a strong reminder of conflicts past and present. We stopped briefly for a photo opportunity with The Duke of Wellington before heading off towards Odiham and Roke Farm where the donkeys were looking photogenic and the ducks fattening nicely for Christmas. The views across the fields were lovely but the wind was certainly fresh and a shower caught us as we headed into Rotherwick where we stopped for an excellent lunch at The Falcon pub.

Temperatures were no warmer as we headed back towards Farnborough in the afternoon with a quick stop to inspect the activity on the airfield (none!) before tucking into tea and cakes at the leaders’ house.

A good day’s ride, 41.5 miles, 1500 ft climbing and only a little rain!

Wellington on his Horse - Photo by Dave

Donkeys! - Photo by Dave

Phil admiring the donkeys - Photo by Dave

Riding along Love Lane - Photo by Dave

Chatting - Hatch near Old Basing - Photo by Dave

Speed through the arch - Photo by Dave

Our leaders - Photo by Dave

Farnborough Airfield - Photo by Dave

091108Farnborough - The route.

Mind the ducks 1 - Photo by Liz

Mind the ducks 2 - Photo by Liz

Mind the ducks 3 - Photo by Liz

Mind the ducks 4 - Photo by Liz

After lunch - Photo by Liz

Delicious cakes - Photo by Ken

At Lunch - Photo by Rachel and Russell

Portuguese Menu - Photo by Rachel and Russell

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