Ride by Rob and Ruth

By Rob and Ruth Maskell This autumn ride attracted no less than 12 tandems plus one solo. Despite a good weather forecast, the day started in seasonal mist which hung about till lunchtime. The ride set out from Dorking with just a short distance to our coffee stop at Henfold Lakes, a favourite haunt of both anglers and cyclists. Straight after that came our only real hill of the day, a short burst up the 17% Henfold Hill. Then the route took us through Capel and along Weare Street, and then Rudgwick to the Haven, where we had a quick look at the picturesque Gibbons Water Mill, before making a loop back to our lunch stop at the Wheatsheaf at Ellens Green, where we all just about managed to squeeze in, with some adroit hurdling of the furniture. The sun came out after lunch and we were treated to some glorious autumn colours as we meandered back through Ewhurst and Forest Green before stopping for tea at Tanhouse Farm outside Newdigate, where the size of one or two of the sheep led us to suspect they may have been overdosing on cream teas! We arrived back in Dorking via Holmwood having covered 47 puncture free miles.

Henfold Lakes - Photo by Dave

Goddards Mill - Photo by Dave

Tanhouse Farm - Photo by Dave

Keith opens his Birthday Card - Photo by Dave

Tanhouse Farm - Photo by Dave

route 081012 - The route.

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