By Tim and Anne

Start at Three Bridges Station. Family activities such as climbing, treasure hunt. Approx. 30 miles

*****Report by Tim

Treasure Hunt

By a mixture of luck, dashing good looks and knowing the locality, last year Anne and I won Dave, Caroline and Christopher’s treasure hunt. We were presented with a splendid trophy, lovingly crafted by Dave. Anne had the bright idea that this should form the basis of an annual event, with the winners setting the quiz/treasure hunt/Herculean task for the next year.

Of course when she said we would organise it she meant me. So a route was concocted, and a series of questions, based on what the observant tandemist would see as they rode along, were set (Example: Where might the Mayor of Casterbridge get his flowers? The Birch Farm Hardy Plant Nursery). In the end all was ready, and with the bonus of a picnic lunch and a bit of easy climbing at the local sandstone outcrop, plenty of people were there on the Sunday morning for their pre ride briefing. A small problem arose when I told the throng that due to the spacing of the clues it would be possible to “hoon” from point A to point B. Not everyone understood hooning. (Making good progress for little effort with a big grin). And so they set off.

We let the peloton go and then accompanied by Keith and Jane fresh from their excursions up Alpe d’Huez and other mighty climbs, ground our way up to Turners Hill and morning coffee at Tulley’s Farm. We were soon at Stone Farm rocks awaiting the first arrivals. After a bit of nail biting, all were safely gathered in despite my error on the route card – apparently being able to count roundabouts accurately is a good thing. We lunched, we climbed, we bundled up the ropes and set off for our house for tea, cakes and the all important prize giving.

Back at our house, twenty three people squeezed into the garden and I retired to the kitchen to count and recount the answers. Finally there was a result – a tie. So I dreamt up a fiendish tie breaker, (what is unique to the game of korfball?) which Neville answered. A further tie breaker was dredged up, which Liz, in a flash of inspiration got right. So thanks to everyone for turning up, congratulations to Liz and Ken for winning.

Picnic by Stone Farm Rocks - Photo by Dave

Cliff attemps a tricky climb - Photo by Dave

Easier climb for the kids - Photo by Dave

Jude strains to climb up - Photo by Dave

Contortionist - Photo by Dave

Pauline on the rocks - Photo by Dave

IMG_4692 - Photo by Dave

080713 route - The route

FreeRange - Photo by Tricia

ThreeBridgesBriefing - Photo by Tricia

Negotiating the squeeze point - at the end of Tilgate Forest

Lunch time - beside the rocks

The Matthews - setting off along Parish Lane

Leaving the Worth Way

In Worth

Tim - climbs up to attach a rope

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