Ride by Liz and Ken

Surrey & Sussex region met up in Uckfield on a glorious February morning, a slight early frost but clear blue skies, light winds and excellent visibility. We thought that a few hills were called for so headed off to the north east into the Sussex Weald. The little lanes in this area have good features; very little motorised traffic, splendid views (especially with no leaves in the hedgerows) and nice descents. The trouble is that the nice descents usually seem to end with a nasty little bend, a loose, gravelly, wet surface followed by a short sharp incline meaning that the advantage of momentum is seldom made full use of. Steep Road wasn’t as bad as its name threatened but the climb up to Hadlow Down in the sunshine was very warm and a bit of a drag. As a result of the morning terrain everyone was pleased to get to the lunch break at the unusual Six Bells at Chiddingly. It’s a very popular place, especially with motorcyclists, and has an impressive display of old advertisements. The Ashford Big Bullock Competition and the Smoking Concert particularly caught my eye! By the time we left, the garden was packed with people and the display of shiny motorbikes in the car park was extensive. The afternoon route was much less hilly, returning through Laughton and past the Lavender Line railway at Isfield. We got back to the leisure centre in good time and enjoyed refreshments in their café. *****Profile: [img]http:../Joomla/uploadfiles/profile080210.png[/img] 36.4 miles 2510ft of climbing, almost all before lunch.

Daryl, Alison and Heather - Photo by Dave

Beautiful weather - Photo by Dave

Kevin and Jan - Photo by Dave

Regrouping - Photo by Dave

Regrouping - Photo by Dave

route080210 - The days route

Gathering in Uckfield - photo by Ken

Tim and Anne - photo by Liz

Dern Lane - photo by Liz

Horses and carts - photo by Liz

Lunch - photo by Liz

On the flat after lunch - photo by Liz

Lengthening shadows - photo by Liz

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