By Brian and Helen

After the previous day’s rain, the first two sections of woodland track were somewhat slippery. Sunday 10th August turned out a good drying morning, so the four subsequent off-road sections were no problem for the 8 tandems and sole solo. Starting from Horsley station, the breeze propelled us through Effingham and Bookham to Bockett’s Farm for coffee. Their restaurant is normally a battlefield of rioting under 5’s, but fortunately on this occasion the little darlings and their minders were still cooing over the farm’s animals. Mindful of its usual clientele, the restaurant provides covered buggy parking. Russell – a buggy is a chunky 3 or 4-wheeled off-road machine, not a sleek 2-wheeled roadster. Then to Box Hill via the Zig Zag road. Helen and Chris retained their king-of-the-mountain points lead and a motorist told us to “get on with it” so we could emulate Nichole Cooke’s gold earlier in the day. We were at the time admiring the view from the top, not recovering from the climb, an easy mistake for a driver to make. We retained the height gained until The Cock in Headley, which gave us several downhill miles to Leatherhead after lunch. Meandering through Fetcham, Stoke d’Abernon, Ockley and the occasional farm brought us to West Horsley for tea at the garden centre. The only pause had been for one of those annoying summer showers. The occasional drop of rain, followed by gentle dri le. Should we don waterproofs? No. Then heavier rain. On with the rainjackets. 200 meters later and the sun was shining. Off with the rain gear. A couple more miles and we were back to the start point. Only 36 miles (but off-road counts double says Liz), no punctures but two dechainments. A classic English summer’s day.

At Horsley Station - photo by Liz

Tunnel and gate - photo by Liz

Climbing through Fetcham

On the way to coffee

Coffee stop at Bocketts Farm

Bocketts Farm - photo by Liz

Box Hill hairpin - photo by Liz

Tim & Anne

Russell & Rachel

Neville & Tricia

Nice wide bridleway

Heading off down another bridleway

Entering West Horsley

Admiring the View from Box Hill - photo by Neville

Studying Route Map at Coffee Time - photo by Tricia

The Route

Tim and Anne - photo by Neville

Brian and Helen - photo by Neville

Phil and Verna - photo by Neville

Ken and Liz - photo by Neville

Kevin and Jan - photo by Neville

Russell and Rachel - photo by Neville

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