Ride by Dave, Caroline and Christopher. Treasure Hunt

This was a joint ride with the SEL group, and featured a treasure hunt in the morning. Sixteen riders gathered outside Redhill Station on a hot and sticky day. Four of these would not compete in the treasure hunt due to three being involved in organising it, Clem being a pilot for one of the organisers just followed the navigation round the route.

The navigation for stage one was to be by following "Tulips", ie diagrams showing which way to go at each junction, which resulted in some rather shocked faces! The riders were sent on their way while the organisers cycled slowly up the hill to the end of stage one at Colley Hill.

Here tea, coffee and cake was available, along with the question sheet for stage 2. One team never found their way here at all, but nevertheless had an enjoyable ride to the lunch stop.

Stage two involved following the route on a map, with flags showing the approximate location of the clues. Shame that one of them had just been removed for renovation!

After a pleasant and relaxed lunch at the Plough in Leigh we took a route following quiet lanes and a few bridlepaths, going via Cudworth, Horley, Outwood and Nutfield to return to Redhill for some more tea and cakes.

The answers were marked and the winner by one point was Tim and Anne - well done.


Tim and Anne 24 points Liz and Ken 23 points Neville and Tricia 23 points Cliff and Pauline 18 points Keith and Jane 7 points Mick and Rose 1 point

[img]http://ccgi.wildehobbs.plus.com/Joomla/uploadfiles/profile070610.png[/img] Total Distance: 35.1 miles Climbing: 2300 ft

Getting the refreshments ready - Photo by Dave

Counting the moons - Photo by Dave

Relax and enjoy the view - Photo by Dave

Leaving the Plough at Leigh - Photo by Dave

Working out what to do for Stage 1 - Photo by Neville

Lunch in the marquee - Photo by Neville

Windmill number 4 - Photo by Neville

Tea - Photo by Neville

Stage 1 Page 1 - Stage 1 page 1

Stage 1 page 2 - Stage 1 page 2

Stage 1 page 3 - Stage 1 page 3

Stage 1 page 4 - Stage 1 page 4

Stage 2 page 1 - Stage 2 page 1

Stage 2 page 2 - Stage 2 page 2

route070610 - The route

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