Ride by Chris and Helen

Ride by Chris and Helen On a rather damp morning at Witley Station 9 tandems, one with a child trailer, and a solo met for our February ride. Fortunately the rain had more or less stopped by the time we were all ready to leave and, apart from a shower while we were having lunch, held off for the rest of the ride. We headed off southwards and most definitely upwards to our pleasant coffee stop in Haslemere. After this initial climb the route followed the pretty and gently undulating lanes to the south and east. We paused for a while on the climb up Shopp Hill to walk in to the woods and admire a very impressive display of snowdrops. From here we continued through Lurgashall and Ebernoe, where the road cuts right across the village cricket pitch, to Kirdford for lunch in the Foresters Arms. After a good meal with friendly and prompt service Chris took us on a short detour into the village to view a stone plaque entitled ‘Degradation of Drunkenness’. We all gathered around to listen as he read aloud the terrible consequences of drunkenness – it was probably a good idea to do this after lunch or the pub may have been deprived of some of its takings! The afternoon route took as through Plaistow and Hambledon back to the leaders’ house for tea and a seemingly endless supply of hot buttered tea cakes. It was nice to see some new faces and some familiar ones back out on a ride. Heather was out in her smart new trailer for her first Tandem Club ride at the age of 11 months – she seemed to enjoy her day and was very well behaved. She was also a good influence on her parents – keeping their hill climbing speed down to a normal level.

[img]http://ccgi.wildehobbs.plus.com/Joomla/uploadfiles/profile070211.gif[/img] Distance 31.2 miles Climbing 2050ft.

Snowdrops - Photo by Dave

First Club Ride - Photo by Dave

route070211 - The route

Snowdrops 2 - Photo by Dave

Listening carefully - as the ride leader tells of the perils of drink!

The Foresters Arms - Photo by Dave

Degradation of Drunkenness - Photo by Dave

Waiting for the snowdrop photographers

On the move - Heading towards Plaistow

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