Two-by-Two to Noah's Ark (Guildford to Lurgashall) by Brian and Helen

Two-by-Two to Noah's Ark Ride and report by Brian and Helen There were three types of teams today: those who pushed their bikes along the narrow, bramble-festooned, lumpy bridleway (intrepid); those who cycled the barbed route (foolhardy); and those who cycled sockless in open-toed sandals (demonstratively red-blooded). But the views from the end of the track back to the North Downs where we had started were worth it. And it was a shortcut to the pub. 9 tandems and a solo were making the most of the glorious weather. Following the Downs Link from Bramley to Cranleigh, the party then took over the whole patio at Bricks coffee shop. Back on the saddle, the South Downs formed the horizon from the higher parts of the route across the Surrey weald. Our more modest destination, however, was the Noah's Ark pub at Lurgashall, adjacent to which the triangular village green doubles as a cricket ground. The local team kindly started a match for our entertainment during lunch, but were enjoying themselves so much in the September warmth that they continued to play even after we completed a lap of the green to signal our departure. (We also thought they needed the practice.) Skilful planning meant that the hillier route back was almost entirely shaded by trees from the afternoon heat until we hit Guildford's steep and cobbled High Street. Despite mounting it in wobbly formation, we utterly failed to deflect determined shoppers from their retail addiction. So, there was no option but to indulge our own addiction: tea and cakes in the leaders' garden, soaking in the late afternoon sunshine and reminiscing on 43 fun miles of byways, bridleways and brambleways.


Perpetual Headwind

First Puncture - They caught us up a the coffee stop

Along the Downs Link - This section has recently been resurfaced

Matthew and Amy

Clem and Caroline

Phil and Verna

Keith and Jane alongside Helen

Tim and Anne

Neville and Tricia

Liz and Ken

Bridleway to Northchapel - This was the section before the Deer Tower

Bridleway to Northchapel - This was riding away from the gate

Wey Crossing

Guildford old bridge

Guildford High Street

Chatting before the start - NULL

Route in gpx format. - Can be imported into Memory Map, tracklogs and various other programs.

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