Combined Surrey and Sussex and SEL Family Ride

A combined South East London Family ride, led by Dave and Caroline, and a Surrey and Sussex ride led by Liz and Ken. Short ride report by Dave [url=]Route[/url] A total of 26 started out from Hassocks on a very hot day. Initially both long and slow groups took the same off road route, but at East Chiltington we split so that some could get some more miles in. The slower group headed for the bridleway between Chiltington and Gallybird Hall. This proved to be very challenging for some as the surface was quite badly broken up by horses in places, and was still quite muddy despite the hot dry weather. After some had been cooled down by garden insect sprayer, we headed north on a roller-coaster lane to Piltdown, where we had a few minutes relaxing by the lake watching the fishermen. As we were too early for the pub we took an extra 3 miles via Down Street to get to the Rose and Crown in Fletching at the same time as the faster group. After an excellent meal the groups again split, the slower group heading towards South Chailey where another bridleway section got some walking. After this it was into the sea breeze to a very welcome tea stop at Stoneywish Farm, where we arrived a few minutes after the fast group. After tea another short bridleway from Ditchling Church took us to the windmill at Oldland, and some excellent views of Jack and Jill windmills on the South Downs. A short ride took us back to the start after 33 miles and 1775 ft of climbing. [img][/img] Long ride report by Li zAt the end of the first section of rough stuff by the church at East Chiltington six tandems opted to take the slightly longer and faster route. This took us across the railway at Cooksbridge then north through Piltdown and then up the gradual climb to the highest point of the day at Nutley. At this point we were only a few hundred yards from Harry and Mary's house and whilst the offer of coffee was very tempting we decided to keep going back down the hill to the pub in Fletching, arriving almost spot on time and just before the other group. After lunch five couples took the longer option which took an undulating route to the outskirts of Haywards Heath the back southwards along the intruigingly named Slugwash Lane to Wivelsfield. We arrived at the tea stop and were surprised to have beaten the others there (not to worry – more cakes for us). We found out later that their delay was caused by the obligatory Pino front wheel puncture, although apparently repairs are getting easier as the tyre comes off quicker every time! After tea the two groups rode together back to the station with the facts for the longer ride being 40 miles and 2482ft of climbing.

Andy and Ruth - Bridleway between Chiltington and Barcombe Cross.Andy and Ruth make it look easyPhoto by Dave

Mick and Rose - Photo by Dave

Cooling Off - Photo by Dave

The Bellringers! - Photo by Dave

Ouch! - Photo by Dave

Not again! - Tim and Anne mend their traditional puncture

Stoneywish Farm - The group assemble after tea at Stoneywish Farm

Clem and Caroline - Photo by Dave

Neville and Tricia - Photo by Dave

By Gipps Wood - Stopped for a well earned drink

East Chiltington - Regrouping after the rough stuffPhoto by Dave

Fletching - Leaving the pub

By Oldland Windmill



Route060611 - gpx file of the long route - click to download

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