Ride report and photos for Feb 2006 ride from Redhill by Tim

*****Report by Tim There was a turnout of 16 riders (7 tandems, 2 solos) for our February ride, which, given the rather moist weather, was amazing. Two of the tandems were Pinos, probably a unique pairing. After a short delay deciding who was riding which bike, we set off into the murk, through Gatton Park, passing their Millennium Stones, and up Reigate Hill - not vast, but a good lung opener early on. A stop for some incredibly good coffee at the National Trust cafe and then it was time to reconsider the route. The poor weather put the mockers on an off road section along the North Downs Way, and the slow start, lengthy stop and cold younger riders saw a quick decision to chop about 6 miles off the morning's route, so we whi ed down Reigate Hill on the main road then wended our way over to Reigate Heath, past a windmill now doing service as a church. Having a route consisting of loops made such modifications easy. Remember, there's no point in getting wet just to get the miles in. By just gone noon we were at The Castle at Outwood, which was very full, but of course, I had booked and a large table awaited us. The weather didn't improve, so we stayed, chatted, ate and drank. Eventually it was time to go, only to stop about half a mile later for my puncture. This was eventually fixed (406x20 tyres are very tight) and we set off again, passing Outwood Windmill then down towards Horne and its memorial to a WWII advanced landing ground. A few more miles saw us have an impromptu stop alongside the remains of [url=http://www.castleuk.net/castle_lists_south/187/thunderfieldcastle.htm]Thunderfield Castle[/url] for Brian's puncture and then on to a very select tea room - my parents' house, for tea, coffee, chat and cakes. Young Christopher had a lengthy discussion with my Dad who explained that yes, he had seen Crystal Palace burn down, but no, he hadn't seen the Great Fire of London. Back on the bikes for the final 5 miles to Redhill station. I made the total distance 34 miles, all very enjoyable despite the weather.

Reigate Hill - A welcome break after the stiff climb up Reiagate Hill, via Rocky Lane and Gatton Park

View from Reigate Hill - NULL

Tim's Puncture - Just a few hundred yards after the excellent lunch at The Castle in Outwood

Tight fit - NULL

Brian's Puncture - NULL

sheltering - Sheltering before the off


February profile.bmp

February profile - route profile

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