Some photos from the Tandem Club International Rally in the Limburg area of Belgium

Play area near Lindeman - NULL

Planetarium outside Genk. - Alex and Christopher at play - we were treated to a not so pleasant hailstorm for about 10 mins before we arrived here.

Caroline looks on - NULL

Alex and his dad have go on the see saw - NULL

The old water mill at Bokrijk. - The free day on Wednesday saw many take the short ride to Bokrijk. Bokrijk is an open air museum where many old buildings from the surrounding area have been relocated.They are brought alive by the staff who are dressed up as they would have been, and the excellent collection of furniture and items in the houses.This mill was originally used to extract vegetable oil from Linseed or Rape.

Mark meets his match - NULL

Post mill at Bokrijk - NULL

Mark has a go on the rollers - NULL

The precursors to the bicycle - We tried these out and now know why they were called boneshakers!

We should have left him there... - NULL

Fun on the karts - For the young at heart.

The gang - Crash Helmets maybe were required - one child got hurt when the bumping got a bit too violent.

Puddles - Most of the time the weather was great for ducks - this was relatively dry area of the campsite

Liz and Jake in the tandem games - NULL

Jake has another go behind John - NULL

Watching the games, chatting, or being eaten by midges? - NULL

Alden Biesen - The weather warmed up nicely for the last day of rides - the destination on the medium ride was this castle Alden Biesen

Alden Biesen - Neville at work in the formal Gardens

It was a pleasure to have some hills - NULL

Leaving Alden Biesen - Riding on cycle paths is compulsory, where they exist

Snack stop on the outskirts of Genk - NULL

Saturday Ride - On the Saturday there were no organised rides, so Christopher had a ride on his own bike in the safety of the extensive cycle routes.

Arial bike parking at Bokrijk - Bokrijk provided an excellent destination, making a round trip of 14 miles for Christopher (probably more for him as he spent a lot of the time on the way back zig-zagging or trying to pull wheelies!)

Bokrijk - The play area at Bokrijk is free, great fun.Many of the play things are never seen in the UK - maybe the Health and Safety rules are too tight.


Ghent - Christopher and Gromit in Ghent - we stopped there on the way back to the ferry

Bokrijk Museum Bus

Pancakes in Thorn

Campsite 1

Campsite 2

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