Ride by Phil and Verna

*****Report by Verna We had planned everything but couldn’t be held responsible for the weather. Drought throughout southeast England but here it was raining. Thankfully this proved to be only showers which were often avoided by refreshment stops.

Tim arrived by train still preoccupied by revelries of the night before. Tricia with the tandem club south east shop on her back was soon kitting us out with our newly purchased tops and shorts, some of which were immediately donned to supplement the lightweight summer clothing we were wearing.

Surrey and Sussex and friends have a small core of riders addicted to the rough track. We thought we would throw in a short technical section for their benefit. Unfortunately the weather rendered this a little messier than intended! Clem gave us all a surprise (and none more so than himself and his stoker Caroline) as he tackled the very humpy humpbacked bridge on this offroad section. Pleased to have reached the high point they were suspended for a brief moment taking a breather before the tandem developed a mind of it’s own and took off. They hung on and I am happy to say made the descent without damage. Soon after this we were reunited with the road and the 8 tandems and 2 solos spent a pleasant day cycling the shady lanes towards the Half Moon at Northchapel for lunch, stopping in Wisborough Green for morning coffee and just before closing time at the RSPB Pulborough Brooks Reserve for tea in the afternoon.

A damp start to the ride

Then the sun came out

Two more tandems on Navant Hill

Colin and Sally

Along the lanes near Lurgashall

Re-grouping at Halfway Bridge

pulborough060813 - Route - click to download

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