13 riders gathered on a very pleasant spring day at Newlands Corner. The ride started by heading east along the North Downs Way before a fantastic steep descent to Shere followed by the inevitable climb to Winterfold. Another great descent took us to Cranleigh where we followed roads and bridleway to follow close to the disused but recently cleared Wey and Arun Canal to pass through Dunsfold and then to lunch at Hascombe. After a good but rather pricey meal we took a detour from the planned route to reach the Downs Link via Selhurst Common. This section has recently been resurfaced making it most enjoyable riding. At Bramley we left the railway track bed and followed the Downs Link up a rather slippy section past Chinthurst Hill which had almost everyone walking. Another uphill road section took us through Blackheath to reach the [url=http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/server/show/nav.001002003005002007005]Gunpowder Works[/url] at Chilworth. Follow the link before for an overview and [url=http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/iar/2005/00000027/00000002/art00003;jsessionid=22rebd37rtsu.alice]here for a detail report[/url]. The tandems were pushed along the easy path through the site, allowing us to view the remains of the powder mills and the grinding wheels as well as the extensive network of canals used to transport the powder around the site. This relaxing walk was followed by a strenuous climb back up to the top of the North Downs, where a short section of the North Downs Way took us back the the start and some tea and cake at the Cafe. The cake proved a bit of a problem as the superb weather had brought everyone out and there was almost nothing left. Profile: [img]http://www.wildehobbs.plus.com/profile060409.png[/img] Distance approx 32.5 miles, 2657ft of climbing.

Bowling along - A lane south of Cranleigh

Newlands Corner - The weather was cool but sunny and dry.

Tree climbing in Winterfold - He climbed trees at the start, at this stop in the woods, at the lunch and at the end!

Broken Chain - NULL

Chilworth Walk - NULL

More climbing - NULL

Which way - Indecision at Blackheath

Negotiating steps 1 - Joining the Downs Link

Negotiating steps 2

Negotiating steps 3

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