Cranleigh - Joint with SEL group

Report by Dave The trailer for this ride asked if we were going to be cruel and head north into the hills or head south for some rolling countryside. Well the faster ride did both, while the shorter family ride just kept to the rolling country. Perhaps a little too rolling for some! The family ride (really a South East London region ride) started by heading South along the Downs link as far as Rudgwick. The climb over the hill just south of Baynards (the railway line used to go through a tunnel - we had to go over the top through some pleasant woods) had many struggling for traction on the loose surface, but the swoop down the other side was fantastic! At Rudgwick we left the Downs Link and headed through Ellens Green, Rowhook and Warnham to reach Horsham via the cycle path across the golf course. Here we were joined a few minutes later by the faster group who had taken a route over the Greensand Hills before heading south for Horsham.

After lunch and a play in the superb playpark for the kids both groups stayed together and headed north through some quiet lanes and some hills to reach the church in Capel, where teas were being served. No Surrey and Sussex run would be complete without Tim having trouble with his tyres, and today was no exception - anyone else remember the problems trying to keep tyres on the old Weinmann rims? We were treated to some excellent tea and cakes and a very friendly welcome inside the church before carrying on back to Cranleigh via Wear Street, Walliswood, more bridleway and Ewhurst Green.

Total distance for the family ride was 33 miles. Young Jake managed this rather hilly and long ride with no problems, staying at the front for most of the way back. He also displayed excellent awareness of other riders and road users, shouting "Oil Up" and "Inside" at the right times. Well done Jake.

Horsham Cafe for lunch - Photo by Dave

Capel church for afternoon tea - Photo by Dave

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