14/3/04 - Dorking by Tim

*****14/3/04 - Dorking by Tim Provisional Report by Dave

This ride started from the car park opposite Dorking Halls at 10.00am and had an impressive turnout of 8 tandems and one Tandem Trike for what turned out to be a rather too eventful ride.

I had arranged to ride with Tim on the Pino as Christopher was being looked after by Granny and Ann didn't like the look of the weather, however a minor problem with the seat tube meant that I had to drive with Tim on the front.

We started off heading up towards Ranmore, but at the bottom we were passed by Sheriff in his car - he was a little too late for the start. We quickly unloaded and assembled his Newton trike and attached Radeyah to the child seat. Going up Ranmore it was obvious that I had not mastered the steering on the Pino, with the starts being especially wobbly. After a short breather and regroup, we proceeded along the top and turned left for the fast descent down to the valley.

Again we regrouped at the bottom, however Sheriff and Radeyah did not appear so Tim and I went back up to see what the problem was. Unfortunately they had not made it round the sharp steep hairpin, sliding off and turning over on meeting the crash barrier. Radeyah had banged her head and was crying but seemed OK (thank goodness she was wearing a helmet) however the trike was not rideable. After a few brief attempts at straightening the steering were abandoned, Keith and Jane were volunteered to return to Dorking and return with Sheriffs car. Tim and I would wait with Sheriff and Radeyah while the rest of the group would continue on a shorter than planned route to the lunch stop at Blackheath, near Chilworth. When Keith and Jane arrived we took the direct route via the A25 to lunch, arriving shortly after the main group.

The afternoon ride began with the traditional Surrey and Sussex mud section along a short section of the Downs Link as we made our way through Albury with its amazing oversized and overdecorated chimneys before starting the climb of Combe Bottom. Another regroup at the top then a fast descent towards East Clandon. Too fast for us as we failed to make the corner - my fault for going far too fast on an unfamilar tandem, but Tim came off the worst. Not Fair.

After wrapping bandages around his rather raw backside to make it look reasonably decent we carried on to Ockham to Effingham Junction where Keith and Jane had the first puncture of the day. A bit further on by Polesden Lacy the front tyre on the Pino exploded for no obvious reason - it really was not our day. Then just before the tea stop at Denbies Vineyard Andy and Emily had the first puncture on their new tandem.

After all that the short trip back to the start was uneventful.

Total distance for the main group was 34 miles, 2557ft of climbing. [img]http://www.wildehobbs.plus.com/profile040314.png[/img]

Which way to the pub? - Photo by Neville

Clem and Caroline - Photo by Neville

Keith and Jane - Photo by Neville

Ken and Toni - Photo by Neville

Tim and Dave - Photo by Neville

Ouch!! - Photo by Dave

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