*****18/4/04 - Harrisons Rocks, Joint with Kent region, by Dave, Caroline and Christopher

The day started out rather wet. As we unloaded the bikes and prepared to start the ride, "Plan B" seemed much more attractive than "Plan A". Plan A was a rather tough ride via Town Row, Plan B was to head for Tunbridge Wells and find a coffee shop! After a quick vote Plan B was adopted and 8 miles later, after a loop past Eridge Station, we arrived at Tunbridge Wells and found a pleasant coffee shop.

We eventually dragged ourselves out and struggled up the hill for a quick stop at Toad Rock so the young and the young at heart could clamber over the rocks, though the wet made them slippy. A few miles later Keith and Jane had a rather noisy blow out, fortunately just after the fast descent. It was all back together when it was noticed that the tyre had failed, so everything came apart again to put the folding spare on. At least it entertained the horse in the field.

Eventually we arrived at the pub in Speldhurst, where they had arranged a magnificent table for us. We also found Phil, Verna and Sheriff with his tribe already there. They missed us at the start and had ridden further than the 11.5 miles we had.

After an excellent meal, we headed out on another reduced route via Fordham and Salehurst to reach the tea rooms at St Ives Farm.

The return route went via the Forest Way back to Groombridge.

Total Distance was just 26.6 miles, 2219 ft of climbing. [img][/img]

Outside the pub, Speldhurst - Photo by Neville

Sherriff enjoying himself - Photo by Neville

Along the Forest Way - Photo by Neville

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